Kapi Nirvana

The bay is quiet — more or less. The regularity of the keyboards and the occasional drone of the photocopier meld with the quietude. Post lunch drudgery adds to the mood. The unusual concerto drags itself into another hour.

Bold attempts begin only after this. A small head bobs out of the cubicle to survey the scene. A little bolder, Huey now taking the support of the chair’s armrest cranes up a little more, which invites two other heads in his direction. Dewey and Lewey follow it up with quick exchange of nods. Taking a cue, Huey walks up to their cubicles. “Just gimme a minute,” whispers Dewey. “You are always the one for overtime”, scoffs back Lewey. The hurried whispers catch the Team Lead’s attention. Heuy returns a weak smile. Hope the Lead doesn’t think anything of this. Anyway, he is more interested in the final document than conspiracies.

The routine quietness continues, unmindful of the mild commotion.

Suey however, is alert enough to take the hint. Brushing the back of the dress, she gathers herself out of the cubicle with élan. No sooner has Joey heard the gentle click-clack of her shoes, he does a Ctrl+Alt+Del. If only he could lock his gaze with hers… if only she had bothered to linger on for a few seconds more…

There is something about her, which always makes him get up without a fuss.

Dovey gets a tug at her scarf. She isn’t too pleased to be distracted from the post lunch cartoon strip mailer. But the gang is restless without the dope, so she has to join them.

Hoggy has got up too, but suddenly remembers his wallet. “What if we decide on a bite as well?” Escaping the gritted teeth and nasty grins, he does a detour.

In the meantime, Meuey has suddenly gone careening towards the restroom, to avoid suspicion.

Parts of the groups make way through Exit 1 and 2 respectively. The scattered the safest. They wait at Exit 3 for the last of the lot to emerge.

Minutes before the glass door shuts, those inside suddenly become aware of the resonance of animated banter, busting the silence of the corridor.

The Manager too looks up from his Notebook briefly, and shakes his head in amusement.

It’s coffee time folks!

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