An Odd Monday

Sia was settling down to a dreary and contrast start to the week. Mondays were rarely like this. It was always accompanied by freshness, a sing-song and spring-in-the-steps feeling, almost carrying with it a eulogistic quality.

The first thing that signaled the uncharacteristic day was the weekly plan column in the work folder. She had Zero meetings, no clients to deal with, no carry-overs from the past week and nothing new scheduled. Her personal mail box was empty, while the online fraternity also seemed to have gone into hibernation. Whatever happened to them? She missed the little sister at the other end of the globe. Usually dropped to wish her a good morning especially if they hadn’t spoken over during the weekend. Hmmm… the incessant snow must have had her snuggling into the comforter quite early. Sigh! Her only source of remaining ‘connected to the world’ was shut.

In four hours, all she did was a little reading, receive the news of latest resignations in the team and introduce herself to a petite ami joining as a Front Office Executive.

Lunch time came and went. A hurried, half-hearted affair.
With a gloomy Monday failing to whip up an appetite, the tummy was also too dull to protest.
Phew! How one abnormal day could add to the distraught and emptiness.

Five blogger friends — but not one seemed to have found time to update during the weekend.
The newsletter? Another diasppearing act, ugh! So post-lunch was also to be boring. After all how much can a quiet tea pep you up?
Tried exchanging mails, but in vain. There was to be a call from a friend to give an update but the phone kept returning a voice message. The radio didn’t play any great songs either. Just kept reminding its listeners of “Love your pets” day. Her mind immediately thought of the guy who loved animals and she missed him sorely. Even last night she was reading his book for umpteenth time. Wish she had brought My Family and Other Animals along. Would have lent some comfort.

Evening drew in at last and she was wondering at the strange Monday she had to endure in years. The ride back was bumpy but she didn’t mind. She would go home and settle down with a pomegranate juice and the Durrell guy and continue reading his book (for the umpteenth time).
Thank God, she had no exciting news to share today. What with nobody within reach, that sure would have proved another dampener on a Monday. She couldn’t help smiling at this thought, and the fact that another day was round the corner. Before she knew it would be another week, by which time her Mondays would be restored to their rightful place.
A gentle breeze was blowing outside and she smiled another happy smile.

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