This is NYC!

Statue of Liberty is one of the first things, which visitors to NYC plan for. The cruise to the island takes you close to the majestic imposing structure, draped in green.

You don’t get bored even in the waiting queue before embarking the cruise boat. There are entertainers ready to play Sare jahan se accha, or a juggler demonstrating his skill. One of them even sings for “pretty girls from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu…!”

Hey, mind your pallor. It’s turning beetroot red!

The much-talked about and the much admired Manhattan skyline. You wouldn’t want to miss that for anything. Feast on it during twilight from a tall building. It’s breathtaking.

The Bull at the Wall Street can be a funny sight. Visitors who crowd around the bull in myriad poses (for a picture), evoke a good laugh. Some holding by its tail, some trying to climb on, a few holding it by its horns…

The walk on the Brooklyn Bridge has you marvelling at the architecture. The stretch is long but worth it. Watch out for cyclists if you’re on the left side of the bridge. Greeted with all sorts of people and images, you never get tired of taking pictures.

As the evening was settling in, it rained from out of nowhere and caught us by surprise. The weather site promised clear sky and an occasional sunshine. And that’s precisely why our trip was impromptu of sorts, to cash in on the good weather. But then, weather will always weather. Unpredictable.

When it poured, out popped an umbrella man, just like the rain — out of nowhere. They all belong to an enterprising weathermen clan I suppose. Next day when the weather was hot I spotted similar looking guy selling iced water bottles at one of the highways. Hmmm….

Madam Tussads? Oh yes. It was one of the choices we had, to take shelter from the downpour. Oh just kidding you. It was one of our destinations. All the famous personalities and celebrities were having a party at one place. How could I not join..?

At Coldstone, I went chomp chomp over the coffee flavoured ice cream sprinkled with almonds. There must be hundreds of other such places but it had to be Coldstone for me. The treatment on the cold stone had something to do with it probably, notwithstanding my new-found interest in ice creams.

This is the only city in America where I saw small time traders spreading their wares on the sidewalks. I picked up a jacket with the words “New York” embroidered on it.

If you want to feel NYC, ask your feet to take you everywhere, Broadway and Times Square particularly.

Suketu Mehta in Maximum City says, Mumbai is like New York and I couldn’t agree more. Broadway shows, teeming population, art galleries, the lights and the music, the Path station, repertoire of cuisine…

Vibrant, buoyant, cosmo! Keeps you swaying. Jhoom barabar jhoom eh?

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