An Affair to Remember!

Another oldie, an impromptou piece, during a session in J-school.

For G, my best friend in years. For your simplicity, honesty and liveliness that remain untouched even to this day.

Childhood fantasies seldom cease to exist in later years, or refuse to hold on for too long.
However, for me it turned out to be a classic case of first love, and the affair still continues!
It all started when my younger sister’s birthday was around the corner. A little girl myself, I was seized with a sudden urge to present her with something unique that carried a lot of personal touch. All I could do was use my creativity. Soon I brought out thick paper, crayons and all the assorted junk and lo! My first greeting card was born – all laced up and colourfully done with little dolls, florets, bells and ribbons. The real seeds I must admit were sown during the New Year few months back, when I made a simple card for my parents with borders done in paisley and a sweet little message.

But this time it was a marathon exercise that took me more than half a day! On the D’day, the bubbly winsome smile that lit up my sister’s face is still vividly etched in my memory. After that there was no looking back. Cards became an eternal part of my life, a penchant, which I never grew tired of.

Many a times, I would rush to my mother to enquire about the festivals, anniversaries and birthdays. All that was now left for me was to fiddle with my colours and ideas. Effortlessly I would design them, each time making it a trifle more unique. Occasions would remain incomplete without a greeting card from my side.

A Good Luck card always instilled much needed confidence. A Thank You card never failed to generate a warm response at the other end. A card with an apologetic note would have a melting effect and soon the ties of friendship would be in safe hands.
Today of course things have changed quite a bit. The elaborate card making sessions have taken a back seat. But not the one to be deterred, even today, I ensure a readymade card bought from the stores, never gets posted without a personal touch from my side. In a small way my tryst with this simple penchant continues…

Because some things are meant to stay

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