Can the Twain Meet?

Book review

This is the question author Robert Tomson attempts to answer in his short anthology Stories of Work, Life & the Balance in Between.


There is the impressive B-school degree and then there is reality – of life and corporate world. The author has tried to bring out in his stories, the resulting chasm – of having to eat a humble pie, of personal casualties, of being isolated – all borne out of certain expectations.  Through a mix of profound and witty stories, evidently inspired by personal experiences (at least a few of them), the author also attempts to drive home a point or two.

The opening story, “What I Learned From my First Job” sets the right tone for the book by emphasizing on one of the most important virtues in the corporate world today. The subsequent one titled “Time for Work Life Balance” brings out the consequence of tilting the balance. The best way to succeed is sometimes not through hard work but smart work (read moves) as is seen in “The Interview”. On the other hand, one might find the story on limited dimensions a tad dry because by now one has happily got used to a twist-in- the-tale or witty flavor! However, for the major part of it, the anthology sustains the reader’s interest, be it a seasoned professional or a novice.
Generally, a problem encountered with an anthology of such sort is predictability and monotony after a few chapters. However, this one clearly steers clear of such a thing maybe because the author stops at the right point. Economically priced even for an e-book, pick this one up for a short, snappy and interesting read. Familiar jargons and terms do creep in and there are new ones like John-ism! Curious to know what it means? Read the book to find out!!

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