A Mixed Bag

Book review – Dissent by Deepak Kaul

Some leave you in suspense, some to your imagination while some make a quiet but impressive exit. Born out of “prompts” released by well-known authors, as part of Times of India, Write India campaign, author Deepak Kaul manages to churn out a mixed bag of stories.


The author has tried to prove his versatility by dabbling in different genres – suspense, drama, sci-fi, romance – and within different settings. The first story is set in a cotton plantation of a bygone era and makes its way with ease. It’s the story of a young unconventional girl in a conventional set-up, but does not end nor suggests a stereotypical succumbing-to- the-pressure kind of closure. It proves to be a good start for an anthology. Then there are others with filmdom as a background, a woman bureaucrat as the central character, intrigue in a coffee shop, love becoming a jihad and a sci-fi (which doesn’t quite stand in comparison to the rest). In all, there are a few of them where the reader waits for some interest but falls flat, and leaving them disappointed. But then, it is not easy to work within the limitations of a prompt or sometimes the title, and this where the author has done a good job. The challenge throughout is to keep the interest alive and pack the punch within limited dimensions. Of course, after about three or four stories, the reader may have an idea where it might be leading, yet keeps them waiting till the end of the story!

Folks who prefer a light, peppy read and look for variety will find it suited to their taste.
A word of advice. In addition to having a good storyline, it is very important to keep the language intact and error-free. Edits are needed to also tighten the lines here and there. Else even the best of stories may fall apart.

I received a copy from Writersmelon.com in exchange of an honest and unbiased review. 

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