Succulent and Gripping

Book Review – A Forgotten Affair



A reader doesn’t get much of an idea from the first few pages of the book. In that sense, A Forgotten Affair proved to be different.  I had barely got past the first few pages and was already captivated by the writing style!

The story is about Sagarika, who is married to Rishab, a successful businessman. More than a year after a near-fatal accident, she is still grappling with memory loss and trying to regain a big part of her life.
After a prolonged stay in the hospital in Mumbai, Rishab relocates with her to Gurgaon eager to have a fresh start and with the hope that Sagarika would recuperate faster.

In this entire melee, Sagarika senses something amiss. Through strategically available clues – familiar scent of a cologne, utterance of the word cheeni, and the masterly use of facebook, the protagonist is able to slowly unravel her life and verily enough, the “past”.

So, is there more to Sagarika’s life than meets the eye? Is this whole world of perfect husband and home a hogwash? Is Deepa, her “cousin” trying too hard to paint a rosy picture of her life? Page after page the book takes a thrilling turn as Sagarika tries to piece together everything. With the help of Vina, her house-help, she comes closer to (re) establishing the important people and connections in her life.

Words flow effortlessly in the book. Author Kanchana Banerjee has vividly portrayed the emotions minus the drama or the sleaze. With a gripping plot (suspense), engrossing narrative and fine language she has stirred up a perfect combination. The element of suspense is brilliantly played out, unfolding not too little or too much at a time. I held on to the intrigue factor without getting bored or losing interest. Al-dente is what I would call it – dished out just right.
There’s an interesting line in the book – “Sometimes you need to forget everything to recognize what matters the most”. Though oft-repeated in the narrative, it comes across as profound and meaningful each time!

The ending is heartrendingly beautiful. There is no walking into the sunset moment but there is no parting either. Confused and curious? Ditch that Sunday afternoon nap and pick this book instead!

I received a copy of the book from WritersMelon in exchange for an honest review.

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