Go, (Re)claim Yourself!

Book Review – The Personal ROI by BK Jayasimha

Discover the way into inner wisdom  – is what the sub text says. More often, books (and discourses) of this nature, fall into the self-help or spiritual category. This is perhaps my first initiation into a book that weaves and balances both the aspects quite well. The author, BK Jayasimha – with impressive credentials as a Life Coach and Rebirthing Breath Worker – combines ancient wisdom with modern management practices and inspired by his own personal experiences and journey.
Right after the first few pages the blurb begins to really make sense. The author brings in the “discourse” by not losing sight of the contemporary aspects. And, without being divorced from today’s realities – schools, exam pressure, workplace tensions, relationships and growing up conflicts – he gently wades the reader through the rough waters. He mentions being a practitioner of Yoga since the age of 11; however that does not make him unique or very different. He quotes his own examples of having been through all the stress and the pressures of life. Thus the reader need not worry about a wisdom coming from an unconnected space; in fact the most heartening aspect is that despite his credentials the author is just “one among us.” The wisdom he shares is what he has acquired and practiced through his efforts in last ten years.

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An interesting point is the ROI factor in the title which I thought referred to Return on Investment! This however refers to Reverse Order Inquiry and verily the starting point for this journey. Also the opening chapter of the book, it talks of the Triune of Body, Mind and Spirit, an essential element to begin the Inquiry or “to go within” as opposed to Enquiry or “to go with-out”. It then moves on to the next chapter that carries the most pertinent question – Who Am I?  In fact with these two chapters, it lays a foundational ground for the reader.  Along with the next few chapters, it focuses on the What while the last few chapters stress more on the How, and showing the way to the reader. The chapter on Idealism sets this transition from the What to How. The chapters on Self vs. Selfishness Forgiving for Personal Growth, Happiness and Peace, Trust and Simplicity help the readers with the execution part.

From urging the reader to begin with an Inquiry and proceeding to put those few aspects into practice, the narrative is steady, and progressive. This is what will work for a reader who wants to “understand it all” without having to do with a heavy, preachy style. For someone looking for a concrete understanding without getting lost in the quagmire of concepts and its complexity, this book should prove to be less-difficult.

With a tone and language filled with sincerity and simplicity, the book also promises to keep it comfortable for the reader. A seemingly heavy duty topic is approached in an easy conversational and personal style.

So now go and reclaim yourself…!

This book review was produced in collaboration with Red Communications, Bengaluru.