Tirthan Angler’s Retreat

If you are a traveler, love mountains and occasionally love to tuck into a comfortable place amidst scenic surroundings, Tirthan Angler’s Retreat should be one of the top considerations. The retreat offers a right mix of pristine setting and luxury.

The place is nestled within a mountain trough and it is a small downhill hike from the motorable road. The view from this point is straight out of a children’s picture book – cute and inviting.


One cannot get over the charming cottages – the interiors are nicely done and exude a colonial charm. Cozy comfortable beds, wooden décor, a beautiful view through the full size glass window and an antique looking wall-clock all contribute to the charm.

Room with antique clock

PC: Akanksha Dureja

One can laze around in comfortable chairs next to the window to enjoy sunshine and the view.

Window Seat

PC: Akanksha Dureja

Unless the weather forces you to stay indoors, it’s better to step out to indulge in the scenic surroundings. A stroll around the property with mountains to gaze up to is a good detox and energy booster.


PC: Akanksha Dureja

A thorough outdoor person can ditch the rooms and opt for a tent-stay to make the most of the surroundings. After all there is nothing like dozing off under the canopy of stars.


The lounge cum dining area is a great place to meet, greet and socialize. The décor caught my attention here again, with its creative woodwork and minimalist designs. Barring for one, there are no plush settees or posh looking furniture. Side tables out of wooden logs, benches with uneven sides, sideboards out of drift wood are all the handiwork of the host as also the stone walls. All the raw materials are ingenuously available thus doing away with the hassle of procurement and transportation.


PC: Prerna Sinha

Interestingly, there’s a horseshoe hanging at the entrance of this lounge that the host found during leisurely wanderings in the mountains. The lounge has been kept minimalist to ensure that the guest don’t get too comfortable indoors! Right at the backyard is the Palachan river gushing through the boulders.

There are a couple of hammocks tied to the tree. If you are thinking of curling up with a book here’s a word of caution. The gush of the river and the wind whistling through is bound to lull you into a nice sleep!


PC: Akanksha Dureja

After all this, one is bound to have worked up a nice appetite. Cooking is over slow flame and stirred to deliciousness in earthen wares. A slightly longer wait (if at all) for hot fluffy ghee laden rotis and specialty dishes, is worth the wait.

Slow cooking

After a sumptuous dinner and a good night’s rest, wake up to the sun streaming through the windows. Freshen up, step out to take in bountiful clean mountain air. There’s more… avail the yoga session that’s offered by in-house instructor or just take a brisk walk on the nearby mountain paths.

bountiful morning

PC Akanksha Dureja

Later in the day, go for a hike or settle down by the Palachan river and indulge in angling. Trouts are aplenty here. If you have been lucky, hand over your prized catch to the kitchen staff to cook it to perfection.

Palachan river

PC Akanksha Dureja

There is hardly any phone network, except for a landline that can be used to make a quick important call. But who cares for a mobile network, when the place and the occasion promise far better connections.

No Network


Many thanks to TCBG (Travel Correspondents and Bloggers Group) for zeroing on this beautiful place for the anniversary trip! Thanks also to our trip collaborator, Tirthan Angler’s Retreat for their warm hospitality.

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