Panes, None Too Plain

Between a small conversation and a serious idea, one thing led to another …  and then I was on the plane to experience my own sling.  Singapore was never on my travel list but here I was, heading to Chinatown to explore yet another spot in this city of cultural heterogeneity.
I exited the MRT station and just after I turned the corner, a beautiful façade caught my attention. It wasn’t one of those innovative architecture that Singapore boasts of, but an array of shutter windows from the buildings that lined the street! Uninhibited and alluring, they confidently pulled out the walls and streets from the ordinariness. Each window is unique enough to demand a fresh scrutiny.
Oh! how many stories and nuggets must peep out of them! Who knows which interesting ones breezed their way into from the outside world, the panes flapping gently to embrace them with open arms. Unbeknownst to them, the shutter windows have laid themselves bare as a slice of heritage.

Holding so much character in their sway and in the closed shutters, these windows have always been a hallmark of the old time architecture in eastern parts of Asia (think West Bengal, back home).  In Chinatown, they all blend beautifully with the modern world – most buildings are a host to a café, store or a nice office.

I had come to this locality to experience the famed hawker food, the bazaars and scout around for cute little china and curios and instead found myself speaking to these windows.

Presenting, a few frames from the window walk.



.This is where I stood…


… and from where things took a turn


It didn’t take me long to realize that despite un-cordinated variation, buildings stood in harmony


Never knew rust and ochre could make a good combination too


Windows here opened to curios


Bet the cafe owes all its charm to the Black and White.


With multi-coloured windows on a single wall, it sure must be a very best hostel!


Monotonous? What’s that…?


The dull pastel seems to be a winner over the glitter


Towering it may be, but it was interesting to see the tall modern building sandwiched between the traditional


A pair in a cafe on Mosque street…


…and a row inside a temple in the adjacent street


Impressed that a bright hue stood so cool


The addition of balcony doubles the charm


Food street… someone came up with black currants and berries


Candy floss also finds a place. Food street after all.


Chocolate? Brownie points for standing there among the pastels and the brights


Busy frame but it’s the lilac that caught my eye


That’s definitely tarty


Gives a traditional feel. Somewhere in the vicinity is a Tintin shop


It’s a treat, to watch the young and old facing each other on a street.




3 thoughts on “Panes, None Too Plain

  1. Have read many things about Singapore but never something about windows of Singapore ! And the pictures too were beautiful. Very unique and innovative topic! Loved reading it.


  2. What a beautiful and unusual take on the city state of Singapore! Thoroughly enjoyed reading and the pictures!


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