Visit and Stay at Gaj Retreat

It’s not hard to find urban dwellers on lookout for getaways to escape the daily grind and the cacophony of city life. For Delhites and denizens of Punjab, Gaj Retreat in Manaswal village (Hoshiarpur district, Punjab) is a convenient option. Just a little over two hours of drive from Chandigarh, the retreat is located in one of the quieter parts overlooking the Shivaliks and river Shwahn in the vicinity. Continue reading

Tirthan Angler’s Retreat

If you are a traveler, love mountains and occasionally love to tuck into a comfortable place amidst scenic surroundings, Tirthan Angler’s Retreat should be one of the top considerations. The retreat offers a right mix of pristine setting and luxury. Continue reading

Reorienting the Thought Process

Book review – My Spiritual Psychology by BK Jayasimha

The quality of your Life depends on the quality of thoughts! Thoughts lead to feelings that fuels emotions, which defines attitudes and that, drives Behaviors, which finally become Convictions…

“Taking personal responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits and actions is the first key to becoming the architects of our own life. For this to happen, we need to be free thinkers and for that to happen we need to operate from the space of acceptance!”

In his first book, the author urges a top-down approach or a reverse order which requires one to heal the spirit first, and the mind by becoming emotionally competent and on the journey, take the temple that is your body along.” In the second book, the focus is more on the emotional aspects.

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New Click on The Block

Launch of YuppTV Originals

YuppTV_imgThis comes as a refreshing announcement in the entertainment sector. Not launch of another TV channel, but an online entertainment channel for the Internet. YuppTV which has been in the internet and content space since 2006 has leap-frogged into another dimension now. It will now provide Over the Top (OTT) content and serve some interesting fare. The channel is called YuppTV Originals, and was formally launched by Mr. Uday Reddy, Founder and CEO of YuppTV along with YuppTV’s Brand Ambassador and Superstar, Mahesh Babu. Continue reading

Go, (Re)claim Yourself!

Book Review – The Personal ROI by BK Jayasimha

Discover the way into inner wisdom  – is what the sub text says. More often, books (and discourses) of this nature, fall into the self-help or spiritual category. This is perhaps my first initiation into a book that weaves and balances both the aspects quite well. The author, BK Jayasimha – with impressive credentials as a Life Coach and Rebirthing Breath Worker – combines ancient wisdom with modern management practices and inspired by his own personal experiences and journey. Continue reading

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Succulent and Gripping

Book Review – A Forgotten Affair



A reader doesn’t get much of an idea from the first few pages of the book. In that sense, A Forgotten Affair proved to be different.  I had barely got past the first few pages and was already captivated by the writing style!

The story is about Sagarika, who is married to Rishab, a successful businessman. More than a year after a near-fatal accident, she is still grappling with memory loss and trying to regain a big part of her life.
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