Panes, None Too Plain

Between a small conversation and a serious idea, one thing led to another …  and then I was on the plane to experience my own sling.  Singapore was never on my travel list but here I was, heading to Chinatown to explore yet another spot in this city of cultural heterogeneity.
I exited the MRT station and just after I turned the corner, a beautiful façade caught my attention. It wasn’t one of those innovative architecture that Singapore boasts of, but an array of shutter windows from the buildings that lined the street! Uninhibited and alluring, they confidently pulled out the walls and streets from the ordinariness. Each window is unique enough to demand a fresh scrutiny. Continue reading

Tirthan Angler’s Retreat

If you are a traveler, love mountains and occasionally love to tuck into a comfortable place amidst scenic surroundings, Tirthan Angler’s Retreat should be one of the top considerations. The retreat offers a right mix of pristine setting and luxury. Continue reading

Jalori – Where Mountains Spring Surprises!

It was a toss between nature and culture, between a hike to Jalori pass and a walk around Barnagi, to soak in pahadi way of life. Jalori got the maximum votes from the dozen odd travelers in the group, despite reports of snow and sleet. However, since no one was equipped to hike on the now-slippery trail, it was decided that we travel on wheels. From Tirthan Angler’s Retreat in Barnagi cozily nestled in a valley, we trooped up to the motorable road in the light drizzle. From here began the exciting journey to 10,000 feet above. Continue reading

Whispers and Tall Tales

Sprawled in the vast acres of Ashtur is the final resting place and half preserved edifices of the Bahamani dynasty – time stood buried and alive at the same time. The Sunday mood, perfected by the weather, was quite evident with locals indulging in a game of cricket or cards under a huge tree. For the traveler it offered a chance to satiate  history and heritage at an unhurried pace. Continue reading

Being Vegetarian

It was my first day at the client site in Frankfurt and I found myself staring at the delectable looking spread in the cafeteria – salads and cold food on one side, entrees and main course on the other side of the L-shaped setting.  There was just one problem. It was hard to find a substantial (read protein rich) vegetarian fare. I settled for a veg. salad, mashed potatoes and would later pick some flavored yogurt. You sensed it. This makes way for a teary piece on limited food options. Well almost… As I stood with the food tray in the queue, waiting to be billed, a friendly voice piped in. “Why don’t you try the delicious fish over there?” pointing to a far off corner.”  It was not difficult to guess he was the kitchen staff. I began to say something, when he quipped with a sudden insight, “Are you a vegetarian?” in an unmistakable German accent. “Yes, but I don’t mind eggs”, I replied. Thus began a wonderful bond.


Tomatoes and eggs – a delightful saviour

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